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The Cornish American Heritage Society is a group of Individuals committed to preserving Cornish history and heritage in North America.

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The 18th Gathering of Cornish Cousins will be held in Gold Hill, North Carolina, November 3-5, 2017. Includes trolley transport to all events, 2 lunches, 2 dinners, workshops about the mining history of the Gold Hill area, evening entertainment, Cornish cream tea in Gold Hill, tours of Gold Hill and historic cemetery. Optional tours of Salisbury and Reed Gold Mine also available. Complete information ,HERE Registration Form is HERE


Commemorating the 2014 storm damage at Porthleven. Nearly 200 pieces of art, sculpture and furniture all created from the broken Porthleven harbour defense. Now is your chance to obtain some authentic pieces of Cornwall, created by local artists. Auction will be held March 18th, 2017 at 16:00 UK time. Also on Facebook: porthlevenbaulkauction, Twitter: @Porthleven_Art, Instagram: porthlevenart. To participate you will need to register at the auction site. Complete information and Registration: ,HERE


Ruth Saberton born in London, but now living in Cornwall. Author of many books, including Chances, Winter Wishes, A Time for Living and many more. From Ruth: All my life I’ve wanted to be a writer and as a child I filled endless notebooks with stories about ponies and forced my poor family to read them! When I was 14 I discovered Jilly Cooper and from the on my career path was set - I was going to write big fat block busters! I have been lucky enough to write for Little Black Dress, Avon, Pan Macmillan and Orion and Harper Collins. I am also published by the brilliant Notting Hill Press. In 2011 I was a runner up in the Romantic Novelists Association’s “Romantic Comedy Novel” of the year award. That was such an exciting experience! I now write full time and I love every minute. This is the most exciting time ever to be an author Complete information: ,HERE. AND FREE BOOK , HERE


We’ve got the perfect gift idea for your favorite Cousin Jack or Cousin Jenny: Membership in the Cornish-American Heritage Society! As a member of the CAHS, she or he will receive the information-packed quarterly newsletters, stay in touch with fellow Cornish, and support the CAHS and its hard-working, volunteer staff. All this for only $15 a year -- or only $12 if you elect to receive the newsletter via email. Brilliant! And what about yourself? Not a member yet? We know, we know. You’ve been meaning to sign up. You keep telling yourself you’ll do it ‘dreckly,’ right? But there be wreckin’ needin’ doin?. And pasty needin’ eatin? And the pilchards are sure to be shoaling any day now? Or maybe you just haven’t gotten through all of the new episodes of Poldark yet. Either way, won’t you take a few minutes to make sure the Cornish you care about most are receiving the benefits of CAHS membership? Proper job! Meur ras! (Thank you!) Dave Downing


When I received my fall issue of Tam Kernewek, I was troubled to read multiple items addressing the difficulties in keeping Cornish heritage societies thriving. In 2016, there’s more reason than ever to be excited and optimistic about prospects for celebrating our Cornish heritage. I’ve only recently begun exploring my own Cornish heritage, and I’ve been amazed by how much of Cornwall is available to me online. And by that, I don’t mean just census and immigration records. I’m talking about Cornwall TODAY! Through the wonders of modern Internet communication, it’s easy to follow what’s going on in Cornwall, and to share information with Cornish folk there, as well as other Cousin Jacks on several continents. And just as we are interested in our heritage and the Cornwall “past” which our ancestors came from, there are people in Cornwall “present” who are very interested in what became of the Cornish who left in the Great Migration – and their descendants. That’s us! One easy and interesting way to connect with Cornwall is by listening to BBC Radio Cornwall via the Internet. By doing so, you will not only get a taste of present-day Cornwall, but you’ll hear news and interviews about Cornish heritage, from a contemporary Cornish perspective. I find it fascinating. Modern technology is amazing. And to think, when my great-grandparents, Richard Downing and Mary Keast, left the St. Germans parish for America just over a century ago, they would never see or speak with their parents again. And on St. Piran’s Day, BBC Radio Cornwall can connect us all. March 5, 2017, will feature the third annual “Trelawny Shout,” sponsored by the Cornish Community Foundation. At 9:00 pm CORNWALL TIME, the station will broadcast from a pub the live singing of “Trelawny,” and connected by the radio broadcast, St. Piran’s revelers in pubs all over Cornwall – and the world – will join in. Our Cornish Minnesota group did so in 2016, at our gathering at Merlin’s Rest pub. We even co-opted a group of non-Cornish pub singers (Morris dancers, no less) to join in with us. (In the central time zone, it was 3:00 pm for us. Please verify the correct local time for yourself.) Give BBC Radio Cornwall a listen. And plan now – wherever you are – to gather and join Cornwall and the world in singing “Trelawny” on St. Piran’s Day 2017. To listen, go to HERE The Trelawny Shout is also a fundraiser for the Cornish Community Foundation, with contributions taken at participating pubs. A good news story to learn more can be found at HERE Dave Downing


The Cornwall Record Office, the Cornish Studies Library and the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Historic Environment Record are coming together on one site in Redruth. Both existing and potential users are welcome to make comments and suggestions during the public consultancy period. Watch for more information in the coming months.  Help make this project a success, details are here


Ruth Saberton, Cornish Author of many books, offering a free book for St Piran's Day

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Who We Are

Bodmin-Moor in CornwallDown on the southwest tip of Great Britain is a land of mystery, myth, and magic ... a land of a Celtic people, the Cornish!

The Cornish are fisherfolk, farmers, miners and merchants, scholars, saints, sometimes law-breakers -- above all, they are people of an extraordinary clan in an extraordinary land -- and they know it. They revere it and love it. They celebrate their present in light of their past, looking always to the future for the generations to come.

And so do we. We are descendants of Cornish people who emigrated to the Americas. Though we are no longer in the land of our heritage, we are linked to Cornwall by blood and by the tug of our hearts. Some of our members are Cornish people still living in Cornwall...joined to their cousins in the Americas for the good of all.

Wherever you are in the world, whatever your Cornish ties or interests, you are welcome here.

The people of CAHS celebrate Cornwall and the Cornish in many ways. Our members search, save, create and pass on to the rest of us Cornish songs, poetry, legend, history, photos and food. We do love our food. :-)

Many of us are involved in tracing our family trees, so genealogy and record-keeping are important to us. We each get to have some part in maintaining the ties between Cornish people around all the world, if only through this site.

However you want to take part in all this, is more than fine with us. Wander around the site, email your questions, become a member.

Let this site be your introduction to all things Cornwall -- and let our gatherings, whether in local society, the Gatherings of Cornish Cousins in the Americas, or the Grand Homecoming to Cornwall called Dehwelans -- let these be moments that will help you form a long and lasting relationship with all things Cornish.

What We Do

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CAHS Archives are available at the University of Wisconsin.  Research your history, check the index of documents. See the details here.

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