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The Home of
the Cornish
in North America

You're Invited!
Pasties, People, and Places: 
Connecting with Cornwall

The Cornish American Heritage Society and the Keweenaw Kernewek invite you to join us in celebrating your Cornish Heritage during the 24th Gathering of the Cornish Cousins, August 15 - 17 in Calumet, Michigan.

For more information and to register:

Image by David George

We are descendants of Cornish people who emigrated to the Americas. Though we are no longer in the land of our heritage, we are linked to Cornwall by blood and the tug of our hearts. 

Image by _M_V_

We host regular virtual meetups and speakers on a variety of topics. We look forward to another in-person gathering in the years to come. 

Image by Benjamin Elliott

Being a member of CAHS brings a variety of benefits ranging from member publications and special access to members-only content on our website to social activities throughout North America

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